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1941 oldsmobile 8 cilinder parts

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Hi there 

I have 1941 oldsmobile 8 cilinder 3 gear manual convertible. 

I need desperately one small gear on the top of the oil pump, not on bottom wich throws the oil on top is one small 13 teeth Wich is driven by the camshaft and in it comes distributor shaft. 

Can you please advise me where I can find, best if someone have it or if have engine part so is on right of the engine, very easy to put out 5 minutes, 4 bolts on oil pump and I can buy whole pump... 

Thanks for your answer 





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Welcome to the forum!


I would just like to quickly point out that posting your email address in a public forum is a very bad idea. Scams are rampant in automotive forums these days, and an email address in the ad allows a scammer to contact you without even registering on the forum. Be sure to carefully vet any seller who pops up with the part you need, as that part may not really exist.


I wish you the best of luck in finding the gear you are looking for.


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