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Sloan Museum Auction

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Sloan Museum of Discovery requests bids for seven project cars


Sloan Museum of Discovery is soliciting bids for the following seven vehicles. The majority of the vehicles were never part of the Museum’s Collection of accessioned vehicles, and are non-accessioned assets widely believed to have been acquired for parts for the Museum’s restoration program years ago. Vehicles that were part of the Collection, have been deaccessioned by our Board per our Collections Management Policy.  The Museum no longer has the need for these automobiles and wishes to rehome them to the highest bidder. Best and final bids are due by 4:00 pm on July 31, 2022. The winner of the vehicle will must be available to take possession during business hours the week of August 8-12. Email your bid to Collections@SloanLongway.orgTo see more photos of each vehicle, click here! 


Please note: vehicles are in various states of poor to very poor condition, with two of them missing engines, and the functionality of certain systems is not known and cannot be verified by our staff. Likewise, it is possible the vehicles may show signs of prior pest activity; they must be purchased as-is. We have a title on file for only one of the vehicles below, and the Museum is in the process of obtaining bonded titles through the Secretary of State, which we would expect to have on hand prior to any payment.


Best and final offers are due by July 31, 2022. Collections staff will contact the highest bidders to make arrangements for the purchaser to take possession of the vehicle(s); the purchaser must be available to take possession during business hours the week of August 8-12, otherwise, the bid will be considered nullified. Please send bids to Collections@SloanLongway.org with your contact information.


In keeping with the Museum’s Collections Management Policy and in accordance with standards set forth by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) proceeds from the sale of these assets are reserved for the purchase of new acquisitions and/or the direct care of collections.



1927 Chevrolet Capitol


1936 Buick Series 90 Limited Limousine


1937 Buick Limited (Oshawa Built)


1966 Buick Wildcat Custom 2 Door Convertible


1936 Buick Series 80 Roadmaster


1936 Buick Series Sixty Century Victoria Coupe, Model No. 68


1941 Buick Series 90 Limited Limousine




Sloan Museum of Discovery

1221 E. Kearsley St., Flint, MI 48503

(810) 237-3450


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Great projects, for someone who wants a labor of love.  Missing engines and titles are killers of value, if any of them bested $1500 I’d be shocked..but I’ve been wrong once or twice…oh, well, maybe many times..

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