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'39 Cadillac 60 Special project $4K in Reno, a very good start.

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1939 Cadillac 60 Special Project.
This car has been in the family for 40 years. I acquired it in 2000 with the intention of doing a first class "off the frame" restoration. A lot of the work has been done but other interests do not make it possible for me to finish. This car has a very solid body. Hardly any dings. I took the body off down to the frame; sandblasted the frame; rebuilt the brakes and suspension. I had the engine rebuilt by a certified shop in Albuquerque and rebuilt the transmission. Engine and driveline and differential are reinstalled. The car rolls and steers. The radiator and fuel tank were cleaned by A-1 Radiator. I recently installed the body and doors to make it easier to haul. Front fenders, bumpers, headlights, hood, etc. are in good condition and ready to install. I have detailed restoration history, photos, repair manual, etc. The car is definitely in solid restorable condition. Call Rick (775) 225-9125


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