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Mid '30's Assembly line painting procedure question.

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I hope to soon be painting my '36 dodge and have a question. Does anyone know if the bodies were partially assembled with the rear fenders and welting, then painted as an assembly? Also, there's evidence that the fender welting was riveted to the front fenders, but was that done prior or after painting. I guess my real question is, was all the welting painted body color or left natural black? any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Has your car or its body have evidence of having ever been completely disassembled and/or re-painted in such manner during or prior to your ownership ?

Even if it has, a careful examination during disassembly can often reveal how the vehicle was painted during its original construction.

While I don’t recall seeing evidence how mid-‘30s Dodge would’ve been done, I’d guess all or most body panels  were painted either off the car or “loosely” mounted and welting wasn’t painted.



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All 3 of my cars were either in bad shape when I got them. The one I'm restoring was repainted several times, so there was really no evidence. I have seen that on some parts, there is only primer where they meet the body, while others have paint.

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