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1961 Hawk for sale - Unique & Unbelievable - Not My Car

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The only remaining 1961 Hawk built with a RUMBLE SEAT as an experimental vehicle. Painted the best color ever available for the Hawk - Flamingo.  Located in Sand Lake, MI.  From photos it appears to be in fabulous condition.  I have not seen the car, nor do I know the seller. I am only passing along the listing from Facebook Marketplace. Seller's phone number from ad is: 616-984-6108 and ask for Pete.  Asking $40,000. Selling because he can't drive any more.   Wow !  I think this car belongs in the Studebaker Museum, but I doubt if the owner wants to contribute it.  Good luck to somebody.











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If Gerry is selling it, why "ask for Pete?"

I wouldn't be separating that money from my wallet without flying in to see the car and speak with the owner.

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