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I wish I knew 30s cars better


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     From what I know ... the 1933 Hudson Essex Terraplane 8 (straight eight 94 horsepower) sedan was the ultimate getaway car & it was John Dillinger's car of choice!  Supposedly those cars hit 85MPH.  But a Packard twelve could go 93 mph (or better?), and a big Hudson, depending on model(?), yeah, sure, maybe 100mph?

     There were a bunch of 1930s cars made in 1930-1934 models, faster than a 1934 Ford V8!


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I just watched B & C last night, thoroughly enjoyed it.   
I believe the sedan that was being chased and was stalled when it ran up what may have been a fallen tree was a '32 Nash Standard 8.  The very unusual car that was being used as a police car in a brief shot was a Hupp Aerodynamic.  Another police officer driven car was a '34 Chevy 2 dr, not a common choice for a cop's car. 
They could have done much better in choosing a candidate for the fatal '34 Ford sedan.  The real one had a Potter trunk, which the movie car did not.  Also wrong for the time was its modified dash and seat covers.

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