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1909 Maxwell Coil Box Wanted

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Contact Layden Butler, he was advertising a Splitdorf 2 cylinder coil box in the HCCA classifieds a while back.  Scroll down this page to find his ad.




Ask him to send you pictures and compare them to the ones in the Maxwell book to make sure it is correct.  Good luck!  :)

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Here is a picture of what Arty is looking for.  Some boxes have a white button instead of red.  The button interrupts the primary circuit when the box is switched to "battery", firing the coil and hopefully causing a "free start" without having to crank the engine.  Notice I said "hopefully", it isn't guaranteed.  :)


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You're right - Arty Condito is working on two cars at once, a 1910 Flanders 20 and a 1909 Maxwell A.  I got them mixed up, sorry.  I removed the picture.:)


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