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For Sale: 1941 Oldsmobile 66 Club Coupe, 45K miles - $10,500 - Plymouth, MN - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1941 Oldsmobile 66 Club Coupe, 45K miles - $10,500 - Plymouth, MN

1941 Oldsmobile Club Coupe low miles - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org)
Seller's Description:

1941 Oldsmobile Club Coupe, 6-cylinder flathead, rare Hydramatic automatic transmission. 45,000 original miles. Zero rust. Clean metal underneath. Decent original interior with two rips, part original paint, fenders repainted. Everything works including wipers and turn signals. I had the Hydramatic rebuilt at cost of over $3000. New brakes, new gas tank, new old stock Harrison radiator, battery, manual and electric fuel pumps. Newer radial tires on new 15-inch rims with hubcaps from 1950s Olds. Fully functional. I drove it to Illinois twice after getting it running good - I put 10,000 miles on it in five years. Drive anywhere, runs cool, never vapor locked, never fails to start. Comes with lots of new-old stock parts including new-in-box carburetor, distributor, exhaust manifold, water pump, full gasket set, more. I don't need help selling, no brokers please.
Contact: no phone listed.
Copy and paste in your email: 1b2a2a86137c39409bbfd53d64fac5dc@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1941 Oldsmobile 66 Club Coupe.

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN a.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN b.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN c.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN d.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN e.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN f.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN g.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN i.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN h.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN j.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN k.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN l.jpg

'41 Oldsmobile 66 MN m.jpg

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My father had several 1948 Olds. Both 8 cyl. with fastback styling. One new, Light Blue, and one as a used car, Black. I was always wanting to get one. In the late 1960s a fellow several blocks away was stripping paint for a refinish on a 1941 Model (I believe) 68 since it was a 2dr fastback sedan. I did like the very busy 1941 front end treatment compaired to my dads frowning 1948s. Of course to me the 1942 Olds front end....only a mother could love.

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This is a nice looking car at very affordable price! The Olds grille treatment were my least favorite of all the GM brand from the 30's to 40's. But a 2 door coupe for 10 grand is a refreshing break from the other high flying GM brands.

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13 hours ago, neil morse said:

Looks like a fantastic deal to me.  A great opportunity for someone who wants to get into the hobby.

Yes, the recently posted Chevy sport sedan is a nice start, but no way can you get from that to this one condition wise for the price difference.  

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I was surprised how nice the interior is.  Usually for 10 with the outside as clean as it is,  it's a roach motel inside.  If I was starting out and this was my budget,  I would eb all over it.  I don't think I have seen a cleaner 40's coupe for this money,  especially prewar. 

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