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Chrysler TC by Maserati clutch for 5 speed manual transmission

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For anyone looking for a new factory OE clutch for your Maserati TC, we have a few left in stock.  

This clutch fits only the 5 speed TC's that came with the Maserati DOHC engine.  You can reach us at:  www.rdiperformance.com


We also have many other NOS factory parts for the TCs.  Here are some of the items we have left:


All parts listed below are new NOS factory original parts unless otherwise specified:

  • Headlight (driver side)
  • Wheel/Rim center caps with "Pentatrident" factory logo
  • "16valve Intercooled" fender medallions
  • Window belt moldings/weatherstrips (these are the rubber moldings that run along the top of your doors - the door glass slides against these and these rubber moldings are what keep water and debris out of the inside of your door)
  • Factory pull down mechanism for your hard/soft top
  • Relays and limit switch for the above
  • Upper and Lower radiator hoses (for all three different engines that came in these TC's....SOHC 4 cylinder turbo, DOHC 4 cylinder turbo, and the Mitsubishi V6.)
  • Engine mounts - all
  • 5 speed transmission (1 new and several good used ones)
  • Flywheel
  • Shift cables
  • Engine gaskets (all)
  • Factory radiators for all three engines/years of the TC in stock
  • Stainless wheel arch moldings (all are new with the exception of a couple good used ones I have)
  • Sensors, switches, etc..



Performance parts:

  • High performance ECU - provides a nice increase in both power and torque!  We have these available only for the SOHC and DOHC turbo engines.  We do not have one available for the V6 engine at this time.
  • High Flow air filters
  • High Flow (larger) throttle bodies
  • Upgraded turbochargers
  • Larger injectors
  • 3 bar MAP sensor (scaled/matched to the upgraded ECU)


visit us online:  www.rdiperformance.com




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