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1935 C-30 carb

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You would need to post what kind make and model of carb it is in order for anyone to make a good guess. If it is a Carter carb, that should be on a brass tag hanging on one of the bowl screws. Beyond that it is hard to say. Generally speaking, casting numbers don't mean much. They might be enough to determine what series of carb it is, but that on it's own is probably not enough to get a kit. Any meaningful numbers that aren't on a tag will probably be stamped, not cast.


Exchange carbs have a long history of poor quality, sometimes with damage that cannot easily be fixed. Anyhow probably no one is stocking an exchange carb for a truck that old. You would be best advised to rebuild (or have rebuilt) the one you have, especially if it might be the one that came with the truck originally.


Forum member @carbking makes kits for almost everything. Can you post any pictures of the carb?


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since im new here Im not allowed to contact him... but the carb is a Zenith down draft one barrel.... bottom of carb casting ..IN 180 ...the round tag has numbers 47206    7143D     H-B... The engine has a Green diamond flat heat 6

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Brian - you are one lucky dude! ;) 


Welcome. While we like to have you here, there is also a special forum for old IHC trucks which might interest you. Here is the address Old IHC


I.H.C. used both Zenith and Tillotson carbs on that model. While we make kits for both, the kit for the Tillotson is about 5 times more expensive than the kit for the Zenith; and the quality of the Zenith is probably 10 times that of the Tillotson. So you have a win win with your carburetor.


Telephone number is 573-392-7378 (9-12, 1-4 Mon-Tues central time).



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