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1949 Mercury hood dowel pin

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I have been looking for a few years for a hood dowel pin spring and cup for my 1949 Mercury. Does anyone know if this part is shared with other Ford or Mercury models? That would help my search. Thanks in advance for any help

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The 49-51 Mercury use the same hood dowel P/N 0M-1629, spring P/N 8M-1625 (7 coils), and guide 11A-16927. The 11A prefix seems to indicate that a 1941-1951 Ford and Mercury use the same guide. The spring and dowel  are unique to Mercury. The Ford used parts with the 11A prefix, Lincoln used parts with the Lincoln prefixes.


I do not have experience with the fit of the parts, I just looked up the P/N in the Chassis Parts Catalog for 1949-1953 Mercury. In a pinch the Ford spring might work, just not pop up the hood as well. You will need the Mercury Dowel as it will be the only one to fit the receptor. The 52-53 spring might also work as it has 7 1/2 coils.


Good luck, I started the restoration of my 40 Merc in 1975 and I used quite a few incorrect parts until I redid the restoration in 2005 when I had all of the correct parts except some unique bolts.

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Thank you Tom, for the information. It was very detailed. I really appreciate the effort. I am still hunting for the dowel. I found a guy who has some 51 hoods with the dowels still on them. The hoods are very rusty with big holes near the dowel. I hope I get one of those.

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