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1937 Studebaker President (3C) Fellow Owners

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Good Morning All. 


Looking for fellow owners of the 1937 Studebaker President (3C).  Looking to build on additional resources within the vintage car community. 


Also, I'm trying to get past the 14 magical postings needed to allow direct emails to current members.


Hope you reply  

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You should be able to email members.  Anyway- welcome and good luck.  The 37 is a popular model and very much 'collected up'  There are many surviving models and you should have no problem finding info, parts, and even help sometimes.

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Apologies, I've been offline for a while.  My neighbor has a new backhoe and during an experimentation he found the buried phone line.  The last comments I had were to try the utility finders and place a north arrow on the "as built drawings" you sketched up.  But I am digressing. 



excellent, thanks for the feedback.




I thought the name details were included in the signature block of the email.  As we can see it wasn't available.  With that said, my first name is Will and from Kent, Washington.  The phone number is shared in private emails and thank you for replying.



Excellent.  I hope had better weather than we have had and have been driving.



thanks for the reply.  I'm located in Kent, Washington. 


@Buffalowed Bill

 My other car is a 1952 Chevy, Styleline Deluxe with a 216 ci Inline 6 cylinder, powerglide 


thanks for the replies everyone



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Gee, if it counts, I've got a 1937 President engine in my Indy car.  I do have some sets of parts for sale to put four Stromberg EX-23 carbs (or others) on the straight 8.  I also have several reproduction distributor caps like the one in the photo below.






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