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Any help would be appreciated !!

Buddy bought this car and guy didn't know anything about it.  He thought it was a 39 Buick but I'm sure it is an olds 



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39= 1939

36= Series 70 (or series G)

27= 2 door coupe 3 passenger 

B=   Business Coupe 


23= 23d body produced at that assembly plant


1= is the interior trim code. My books don't go back that far.


28= body paint color, Battleship Gray metallic 


The Series G70 was new for 1939 and was the big L80 series body with a 230ci flathead six cylinder engine- bigger than the 215 flathead six used in the small F60 body. The G70 four door sedan was the most popular 39 Olds with 38,145 made.


Standard Catalog of Oldsmobile indicates there were 5211 1939 Series 70 business coupes produced between the Lansing, Linden NJ and California assembly plants.


The car's serial number should be on the left side frame rail in underhood area. A Lansing car will show G-3xxxxx, Linden LG-1xxxx, California CG-1xxxx.

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Posted (edited)

39 3627B

39 - 1939

3 - Olds (1 Chev, 2 Ponti. 4 Buick, 5 LaSalle? ,6 Caddi?)

6 - series

27 -2 door coupe 3 passenger 


Buick's have a circular depression the firewall for the longer engine, but little  other difference. 

Dash sheet metal is different and removal

1939 buick.jpg


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