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1920 Stutz Roadster Progress Report


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A quick update for those interested.....


I took the roadster for a quick run this morning using an auxiliary fuel tank. I didn't get far before I had to turn around for home. Half a gallon of fuel wasn't going to get me far with this beast!  The reproduction fuel tank is coming along well at Corey Durman's shop in Kent OH. The original was beyond repair and the new tank is an exact replica using the original filler, drain and fuel gauge flanges. 


The top irons and bows are with Mel Draper for some major rectification work. These were built incorrectly and did not fold down into a neat stack as they should. 


Still looking for an original G or H owners manual or parts manual if anyone has one they are willing to part with. 








Stutz Sunbaking.jpg

Stutz Fuel Tank Build.jpg

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