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1952 Chevrolet 4 door value

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Looking at this car with a friend, my friend has been offered it my a mutual friend. Starts and runs well, excellent paint, chrome like new, very good tires, excellent interior, can be used for years like it sits. PO has passed away, had car for 40 years and kept it A-1. Seller received it as part of estate. Motor was upgraded from original 216CI with splash lubrication to a later 235CI with pressure lubrication, and electronic ignition. Minor paint damage to pass rear fender caused by a grommet on car cover over the years. Anyone have a thought on what the market value is for one of these in tthis condition.

1952 Chevrolet 4 door 2).JPG

1952 Chevrolet 4 door.JPG

1952 Chevrolet 4 door 4.JPG

1952 Chevrolet 4 door 3.JPG

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