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RED ALERT -- Nip a scammer in the bud

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Steve and Peter ---

I don't know how best to alert you ---

But in the Automotive Parts Wanted ----

There is a " brand new member " (Henry_J66) who

Magically has EVERYTHING for EVERYONE.....

The most recent 9 entries in a row.....


Check it out.... serious Red Flag......


Yours, Craig........

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Great Job eliminating " it " Steve.....


This site is TOO GREAT To be compromised by a would be thief in the middle of the night...


I alerted all 9 posters with their requests before anything rotten could happen to them --- and Steve did the rest.....


My eyes are always open wide....


Yours, Craig.....


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Well, that certainly seems little questionable/unethical way to eliminate business competition.

Just publicly claim they’re scammers or otherwise crooked (without providing solid proof ?) and everything will be fine.

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Bloo informed me of this issue as it looked very, very suspicious but looking is not reason alone to ban someone.  I threw out some bait for this guy and he took it hook, line and sinker and proved to me that he did not have the part, did not know what the part was and was dishonest.  Two emails and he was done from this site.  We appreciate the heads up on these issues.  We cannot stop 100% of these people but do our best to ensure the safety of these forums.  The rest is up to you each individually as Peter has put out many warnings.

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I suspected this guy could be a scammer right from the start.

 I contacted the guy and asked for some pictures showing all 8 dust boots with their numbers. He sent me a picture of only one that could be anything off the nett, and he wanted 10usd per cover. I repeatedly requested pictures of all 8 and kept asking where he lived in the States. He kept ignoring my requests and asked that I call him on 989-9416022 to discuss it further.

 The fact that he was new to this forum and is not prepared to send pictures and give his address is enough evidence that this guy is a scammer. 

 Hope he can be traced and prosecuted



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