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Can you guys tell me what year this Morris Minor is?


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First, I want to thank all of you for being so kind and helpful. You guys are so great that I mentioned you in my Quora post (I hope you guys don't mind) https://vintagegarage.quora.com/Broke-Down-Beautiful-1963-Ford-Falcon-Panel-Delivery-with-a-Packard-hood-ornament?ch=10&oid=73139737&share=da40ef48&srid=JRwMo&target_type=post

What I originally wanted was to ask you guys for help figuring out what year this Morris Minor is...Screenshot_20220629-112515_Gallery.jpg.b655b75c8e10e596a30538b52f77821f.jpgScreenshot_20220629-112541_Gallery.jpg.4f1bfd7588f34cd2545321eee8ec30ed.jpgScreenshot_20220629-112421_Gallery.jpg.3c168c61c2a5a5f96678f4f863d1f653.jpgScreenshot_20220629-112447_Gallery.jpg.6fcf47fcd577ef79457d16789a67931c.jpgScreenshot_20220629-112605_Gallery.jpg.cfcf90c8ed63a4dc9e57240ebb995f28.jpg1064624902_Screenshot_20220629-191059_BixbyVoice.jpg.1966b9b7673602702c61c5f3958adf9d.jpgScreenshot_20220629-112356_Gallery.jpg.38738ee2c58012c0f8216eb78232312b.jpg

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  • gwells changed the title to Can you guys tell me what year this Morris Minor is?

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