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scammer charlie Duncan

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2 hours ago, Scott griffis said:

charlie Duncan needs to be removed from this site. he offered to sell me parts to a car he was breaking down. he sent me a picture of the car and it is the car I own sitting in my shop

Charlie Duncan is a very real scammer, he tried to get me last month. 


He found me through an ad I placed on the Nash club classifieds, same MO, sent me pics of my Nash, lol. I attributed it to the fact that if you type in 1925 Nash on google my car is one of the first to show up.  


His e-mail is: charlesduncan788@gmail.com

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One thing that needs to be understood is that there is no "tracking down" to do in cases like this. Do not make the mistake of believing that "Charlie Duncan" or any of these people that try to scam you are real people. They are not. It is all smoke and mirrors. "Charlie Duncan" will be back tomorrow afternoon or earlier as "Bobby Smith" or "Rudy Jones" or whatever. Any real world address you manage to track down will at best unuseful, and more likely a stolen identity. Everything about it is fake.


Our moderators here are really fast to track down and delete this stuff compared to some other sites, but they have to notice it or someone has to report it (note the "report post" button at the bottom of every posting here). The sooner a scam post gets reported the better. The scammers will try to take the conversation off of this site immediately to avoid being noticed. They will want you to contact them or "someone they know who has the parts you need" via some other method, usually email. Maybe phone or text.


One thing to keep in mind when posting a want ad: If you put contact info in your publicly viewable ad, like your email address or your phone number, that allows the scammer to contact you directly without even going to the trouble of making an account and logging in here. They love that.



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27 minutes ago, Bloo said:

 "Charlie Duncan" will be back tomorrow afternoon or earlier as "Bobby Smith" or "Rudy Jones" or whatever.

A criminal is never safe.  He may think he is,

but divine justice always works.  He can never escape.

And he isn't going to like the punishment, either.


(I hope the criminals are reading this topic and turn

toward a better life on the side of right.)


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I hope so. I cringe every time I see a newly scammed person post that they have tracked down the scammer's name and address, because it is undoubtedly chosen at random and stolen by the scammer, or just made up. The most likely scenario is that whoever lives at that address is an innocent person who has no idea that any scam has happened until the phone calls and hate mail start coming.

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Bloo, I agree he should be eliminated asap and everyone should be told about him. Being an old computer guy I would think a lot of these scammers are not too sophisticated in computer knowledge to spend the time or money to go thru multiple sites to hide an IP address. If Peter had his forum name he could possibly ban that IP from ever getting back on the forum no matter what name he used. That is why I was asking if you had his forum name. 
dave s 

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It's natural for people to want to blame the forum when they are contacted by a scammer, usually after they have posted a WTB topic. The OP has made two posts on this forum. He started this topic about an attempted scam by "Charlie Duncan" and wants him removed from the forum. 


His first post (below) was a WTB request for parts. In that post he gives out all his personal contact information for the whole world to see. Even people who aren't a member of the forum can see it. Him giving out his personal information is why he was contacted by a scammer - who probably wasn't even a member of this forum.


Charlie Duncan (or whoever he was), was just scanning the forum for personal information he could use to scam someone and he found it. There will be scammers coming here every day under different names, doing the same thing. I hate to hear about anyone getting scammed but moderators can't do anything about it unless the scammer can be identified as a member of the forum and someone reports him. 


On 2/28/2022 at 9:58 PM, Scott griffis said:

looking for headlight stanchions, cowl trim, door handles and radiator.  can contact by email or call 918-839-8059 or griffistiffany1@gmail.com 

wister Oklahoma USA 74966


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Took me all of 5 seconds to find the home address of Scott Griffis Wister Oklahoma USA 74966  ph 918-839-8059

Need to be careful with personal data published on web sites. Just asking to be scammed.

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