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Ornate, Brass Era Electric Sidelamps. What kind of car are they from?


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Just got these today from an estate sale. I have seen them before-maybe even owned a set just like these-but, can't remember what kind of car they are from for the life of me. The lights themselves measure about 5" in width. They are solid brass but appear to have been painted at some point and the rims are nickel plated brass. They have curved lenses in the front with beveled glass side lenses and clear jewel marker lenses on the rear. Very high quality. I don't see a manufacturer's marking. Thanks in advance. 




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Another picture of the same car with a 1914 Cadillac ( Gray and Davis French Style) in the foreground.

The octagon Solars are Kissel only I believe.

The brackets on yours are also Kissel only.

Years ago I saw pair on a Kissel truck at Joe Earsland's in Chickasha OK.


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