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Hershey Space wanted in Chocolate or Green fields

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Gary it is against the rules to sublease a flea market space...person who has the rights to the space could lose them permanently.  You can apply for spaces during spring registration and if you have not sent in a request due so now (I would call 717-534-1910).  Space are first come first serve....decent spaces?  Get in the event and work toward a better spot if you do not like yours.

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All set will be in the Green Field  Giants Center GC33. Have for sale in that space a 54 Cadillac Coupe De Ville,

1954 Cadillac Dealer album, 1955 Packard Dealer album, 1953 Oldsmobile Transparencies complete set in the original package,

1954 Cadillac Dealer Slides complete set in dealer box, 1947 Tucker negatives of the Tin Goose rare, Nice original shop Manuals,

some nice car literature, Corgi Toys diecast, and some 1956 Packard parts.  My cell 203-870-5248 Gary

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