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11 hours ago, alsancle said:

This car was owned for decades by a very well known collector.   Super cool and it looks even better with the roof up.

Tour d'Elegance 2013 (1).jpg

It doesn't get much better than Hispano-Suiza and Hibbard & Darrin...

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His Majesty the King in his racing car, accompanied by the infante Don Alfonso de Orléans,

speaking in the town of Guadarrama with the starting jury of the automobile contest held

from that point to Alto del León on the 21st of June.”


This car shown is King Alfonso XIII’s 1910 45Cr (Carrera) Series 68, #504, the most important

Hispano-Suiza of that time. The 7 kilometer, 316 meter course, a hill climb, went from Guadarrama

to Alto del León, outside of Madrid. The entire town of Guadarrama was virtually destroyed during

the Spanish Civil War.


Nuevo Mundo, from the Emilio Polo Archive, Limassol, Cyprus.






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