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For Sale: 1942 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4dr Sedan, original garaged survivor - $25,000 - Brunswick, GA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1942 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4dr Sedan, original garaged survivor - $25,000 - Brunswick, GA

RARE 1942 Plymouth Special Deluxe original garaged survivor - cars &... (craigslist.org)
Seller's Description:

I have a rare WWII car, 1942 Plymouth Special Deluxe, an unrestored (because it doesn't need it) original survivor car that has been garage kept it's all life, runs and drives like it's 8 years old, not 80. Has the Borg Overdrive installed and cruises the interstate at 70mph easily.
Complete with original docs, original owner's manual, original parts manual, original shop manual, original dealer brochure, data log, a mileage log from the last owner, boxes of extra new and used parts, transmission, glass, wheels, etc. And a clean title in hand.
This car was only made a few months with the bright stainless-steel trim before they quit because of the upcoming war. Car runs and drives very nice, must be seen in person to appreciate. Easily over $4k in extra parts with it as well. odometer: 92000
Contact: Call or text me at: (912) 5-7-one-ten-2-two
Copy and paste in your email: 1997a53b8bc73494a49a14370de17b42@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1942 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4dr Sedan.

The Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942, Edited by Kimes and Clark states 68,924 produced for 1942.

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA a.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA b.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA c.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA d.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA e.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA f.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA g.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA h.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA i.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA j.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA k.jpg

'42 Plymouth Special Deluxe GA l.jpg

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I do like 1942 cars and this is nice. The overdrive conversion makes it very appealing.

Certainly unlikely to sell at this price with the Mopar lid on values, but I would look at it if it were closer. 

I should probably be happy that it is thousands of miles away. 

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Even being a survivor and a 42,  price seems very optimistic.  My guess is maybe around 15,000 if he finds that one guy who loves everything about it,  but that's going to be finding a needle in a haystack.  It's still a mopar and a 4 door.  2 strikes against it in the bring big money department. 

I would say few people would pay much above 10 for it. 

That's coming from a guy that just bought a 33 Plymouth. 

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3 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

That's coming from a guy that just bought a 33 Plymouth. 

And doesn't this 42 share the same engine as your 33? that Plymouth ran until 1959?

I am a guy who bought a 42 Hudson 8 with an engine that was used from 1933 to 1952. 

Why mess with something that works . . . 

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The basic design is the same and for the time it was a fine reliable engine.  Service parts are fairly easy to get and reasonable in price,  Just a few pieces will surprise you if you need to get them in somewhat of a hurry. 


The one thing to watch is they will run until they finally die and when they die,  they are done whooped and need alot.  Someone said they will run fairly good in poor condition and I'll vouch for that.  Someone ran my 36 Chrysler so long that the broken piston rings wore down to rounded beach pebbles and the piston ring grooves wore so bad they were significantly V shaped.   The last time it ran before I bought it,  they must have pushed it up the hill to put it in the garage it was in when I bought it. 


Bought a 36 Plymouth coupe before as well,  that ran very smoothly but was so worn out,  it couldn't make it up the hill out of the driveway at my old house.  Somebody sure did one hell of a cosmetic restoration on the engine though before I got it.  Looked like a show winner,  though the outside of the car was very original looking with alot of patina.  One of my first experiences into feeling a bit suckered.  Of course I was 19 at the time.  Those old car rose colored glasses real come into focus with every mistake and bad deal. 


Like a fool I still put them on once in a while,  but those are fewer and further in between.  It's nice to be able to look at a car cautiously.  That's why I may seem like such a downer on some of these cars.  Enough reality bites you in the bite and you will look at things much more differently. 

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Several years ago before I found my Fairlane, I looked at a '46 with less than half the mileage for $12K. It was in really nice condition. Even the original interior didn't have a stain anywhere. It just seemed a little too much for something that was a bit dull for my tastes.

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