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57 t bird skirts

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Those are 1955/56 Thunderbird fender skirts (factory called them fender shields). The way you can tell is that the attaching levers are longer on the 1957 skirts, they have a bend in them to clear the wider 7.50-14" wheels, and there is also a notched area on the skirt inner lip to also clear the tire. The 55-56 T-Birds came standard with 15" wheel, so not compensations were required on the skirt.

It is possible to use these skirts on a 57 but the tire clearance is reduced and will likely result in the tire rubbing the skirts.

Lew Bachman

1957 Colonial White

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I have heard rumors that the 55=56 skirts are different than 57.

I compared a new nos set of 57 skirts to 55-56 skirts>>> I found no visual difference.

I placed them flat also, saw no difference in length or rise difference.


BTW, have a 57 Supercharged F bird for sale, and several T Bird Jr Cars. 55-63

Maybe this might help ?


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See my original posting on this subject. The locking levers are different to accommodate the different size tires on the 1957 skirts and there is a cutout on the inner skirt lip and the skirt trim has a similar cutout. You are correct that they look the same on the outside and do fit okay, but are hard to get off on the 1957 because of the wider tire and are more likely to have tire rub on the locking lever, especially while turning.

Lew Bachman

1957 Thunderbird

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