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Oakland Logo Rear View Mirror


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No response to this on the general forum so let's try it here. I recently found this mirror with the Oakland logo shaped mount and need more information about it. The tinted mirror with beveled edges is 7" wide by 2 7/16" high, the shield logo rear mount is 2 7/8" wide by 4 1/4" high. It has a small label on the back "LYCO Auto Mirror". Is this an original Oakland part or is it aftermarket? If original what year cars would it have been used on? If aftermarket were other ones made like it with car manufacturer logo mounts? Any information is appreciated.  






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Well, trying to research the company on the internet was interesting.  I learned your mirror was made by the Liberty Mirror Works in Brackenridge, PA.  I read that at one time this company produced about 75% of the mirrors used in the automobile industry.   So, there seems to be a reasonable chance your mirror is Oakland specific.  Perhaps an Oakland expert will let us know if it was indeed supplied as original equipment for them.  Try posting also in the Pontiac/Oakland section on the forum, or contacting the Pontiac/Oakland Club also.


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