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Coil Spring Source & Advice? - 1949 Buick

Dan O

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I see Springs & Things selling coil spring replacements for my 1949 76S.  The originals are sagging a bit and are mushy I would think.  Anyone have recommendations for sourcing good springs from the maker and not a reseller?


I would not mind lowering it a couple of inches.  I know many here think that is heresy but 49's look so much cooler a bit closer to the ground.  Any experience doing that thru shorter springs alone? 

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1 hour ago, SBRMD said:

How are your shocks Dan?


I was lucky to score some NOS Delco front shocks and one rebuilt rear one.  I am still on the lookout for a drivers side rear for a reasonable price. She still lists a bit and my mechanic friend advised new springs since everything else has been attended to.  She's a high mileage car as well as old and seen rough use as a ranch car.  The old owner said it was nicer than a jeep, so why not?

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1 hour ago, avgwarhawk said:

I used Springs and Things for my 54 and 60.  Priced well. Shipped promptly.  Worked great! 


Thanks - they gave me a decent quote I think - $110 for rear pair and $140 a pair front.

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