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1932 Buick 86 Victoria coupe Complete restoration! LIKE NEW! Drive home today! - $34,950 (Spokane WA) not mine

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Complete restoration! 1932 Buick 86 Victoria coupe. This car is absolutely gorgeous and show quality! We have  paperwork and documentation that is a mile long for this car!

 email  fcae7a15bb12332cbae7c7efab8de981@sale.craigslist.org

  • contact name:      David      (208) 791-5557



24 pictures in cl listing


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Beautiful car, I am usually the lone guy here that likes the oddball colours on cars, for some reason I do not like the colour on this one. May be original, I dont know, but something just doesnt look right about it. Looks too modern to me. This thing would be stunning if black.

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Something wrong with photos or car, Matt, I agree.


I’ve looked at and bought a lot of early cars in my life, if one considers over 200 a lot.


Walking up to a car, I can usually tell in a minute or less if I’m interested.  A car feels right, or it doesn’t.


This, to me, second category…

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Custom changes like that metallic color are a huge gamble.


To the seller, that paint job cost a bunch of money and adds $10k to the value. To many potential buyers it means a bunch of work and a $10k (or more!) cost to make it “right”.

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