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Steam Machine - Trash or Treasure?


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This "Steam Buggy" is for sale, part of an estate, so there may not be anyone left who's familiar with it.

The Question is, Trash or treasure? A real relic or somebody's home built hobby cart?

There appears to be some vintage horseless carriage parts there, as well as some crude additions.

Take a look at the Craigslist listing, below, for more details.









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I just commented on the other thread in response to comments by someone else there. Guess I should copy and paste here?


The motor looks to be a real 1900ish steam engine (I am far from an expert on Stanleys, could maybe be one of their later ones or not). The chassis looks to be modern box tubing and modern welds. Some welds attaching old to new look very poor quality (probably due the the poor quality of the iron in the old pieces?). Quite a few old pieces were included on it.

An interesting "attempt" at recreating something to appear early without enough knowledge of how an early vehicle would have been built.


As I understand it, the later Stanley's engine was built onto the rear end, with parts integral between the two. I have seen them up close, but never looked really close. Early Stanley, Locomobile, and most other early steam cars the engine was separate from the rear end and the rear end was driven by a chain similar to gasoline automobiles of that early era.

I would be very curious to see what the burner and boiler look like?



I can't think of much else I would want to add to that? Other than the engine does appear to have a sprocket for a chain drive?

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