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For Sale: 1952 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr Sedan - Project - $6,500 - St. Paul, MN - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1952 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr Sedan - Project - $6,500 - St. Paul, MN

52 Kaiser Manhattan 82 Porsche 924 - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org)
Seller's Description:

Classic 2-dr 1952 Kaiser Manhattan. 226 c.i. , Automatic. Great Condition! Minimal rust. Runs Good. $6500 cash with title.  Will trade for 1965-67 Rambler / AMC Marlins. Can see at 696 Concord St. 55107. 1965 Rambler / AMC Marlin parts for sale.
Contact: no phone listed.
Copy and paste in your email: 5c89ce83e7583862a5e6424ebb3a48f1@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1952 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr Sedan - Project.

The Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1946-1975, Edited by John Gunnell states production for the 1952 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr Sedan at 1,315 cars.

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN a.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN b.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN c.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN d.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN e.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN f.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN g.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN h.jpg

'52 Kaiser Manhattan 2dr MN i.jpg

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There was a Kasier 2-door sedan and also an even more rare club coupe in 1952 Its difficult to tell which is which when seen alone. Together, the club coupe has a shorter roofline and a smaller rear side wiindows. The 2-door sedan has real or simulated rear side vent windows, where the coupe does not.


Manhattan Melodrama - 1952 Kaiser Manhattan Club Coupe | Hemmings

2-door sedan:

Image 1 - Old Print. 1952 Kaiser De Luxe Two Door Sedan Auto

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Because this is a two door in the Manhattan line, this car has more value than a four door in similar condition but I still think the asking price is a bit optimistic. With a lot of chrome work to be done and a fair amount of body work as well, somewhere closer to $4500 might be right. I've owned, and still own several KFs and while parts are reasonably priced, finding some can be difficult. For 1952, 1315 two door Manhattans were produced and a KF club registry says 14 are known. I'd say that number is probably closer to 50 given that several previously unknown examples have popped up lately.


If I was in the market I'd strike a deal, lose the cheesy headlight eyebrows, put the mirror back where it belongs and drive it as it sits and fix it up as you go. You'll have the only one at your local show!

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