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For Sale 1906 Wisconsin Runabout 1 off Prototype Fresh Restoration with No Miles since

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This car is the only car built by the Wisconsin Machinery and Manufacturing Company in Milwaukee, WI- a successful manufacturer of Stationary and Marine Engines over a 3 year period from 1905-07. The car was built using catalog parts available at the time, the engine however is a one off prototype F Head 2 Cylinder Engine with 3 valves per cylinder with a cross flow design. Funds were unavailable for further production of Automobiles so the car is the only one produced. The car remained in the plant and was driven short distances by the company owners from time to time and eventually sold in the 50's. The car passed through the hands of a few collectors before being completely professionally restored by the Seller over the past several years, and has been displayed in his private collection since restoration. The car is accompanied by extensive documentation.

This unique car represents a rare opportunity to acquire a one off, one of a kind, example of the early days of the Automobile. The automobile was the next big thing at the time and thousands of manufacturers toyed with the idea producing cars but never got very far. Very few of these early prototypes survive.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a one off Early Brass Car ready for the most demanding show. The car will be a certain hit an any show one takes it to, and could be the centerpiece of any collection of Brass Era Cars.  Whats it Worth?/Offers. Shawn Miller 317-636-9900 SignificantCars.com 


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