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Happy Father’s Day

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Once a year we Dad's can do no wrong! ( or most likely will hear about it but not until the next day!)  Good day but also one off remembrance of our Dad's and Grand Dads who are no longer here and we wish that they were so we had the chance one more time to tell them how much they meant to us.  Some of us were lucky and had a Dad with great tolerance for their son's crazed affection for old used cars with running boards.

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Had to work all day.

But the BBQ tonight (Monday) is in my honor.

Probably not fair to my son in law as he gets to cook.

Oddly enough he can't smell or taste anything due to being stubborn about vaccines.  GRRR

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Fathers Day ride, the day before.  Saturday 6/18 we led a tour of 6 Early Ford V8's (National Drive Your Early Ford V8 Day) to

Clarksville GA.   In the Smokies where we started the Temp. was mid 50's and we wore jackets.   60 miles later an down 1300

feet in altitude, it was a beautiful summer day.  We visited the Classic Car Depot for Cars & Coffee, took this neat picture,

had lunch and visited a nice private car collection.   Then we drove up hill for 60 miles to get home.   It was a Happy Father's

V8 Day.DJI_0608.jpg.79190ebd0e83d4d2c6b93707f3f5cc83.jpgay.

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