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Coil issue


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I believe my J&B coil is bad . I have re wired my coil box and put all new wires to spark plug, battery and commutator . Tried three new fully charged batteries and still nothing . No spark and no buzz no matter what adjustments I do . Is there anywhere I can send it to for test/adjust/rebuild ? Is there anyone who has an extra coil for sale ? Thanks 



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F26 -

I can't recommend anyone in particular, but you can try on your won, or look for shops that do any similar coils.


The Brush coil is of similar operation to Ford Model T, and many other buzz  box coils. The basic wiring is pretty simple.


They can be tested and adjusted stand-alone, out of the car, with a battery and some wire. Once it's known to work, you can add-in the car's wiring and timer. If you search for Model T coil test and adjustment, you'll find a number of articles, as well as YouTube videos.






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