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1979 Lincoln Town Car, Williamsburg edition, Yellow and Tan

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This 1979 Lincoln Town Car, not mine, has a very seldom-seen

color combination.  It is a "Williamsburg Edition"--itself an 

uncommon 2-tone configuration--which was offered in a few

color schemes.  This yellow-and-tan version is one of only 2

I've ever seen on the internet.




The car is said to be in the Rochester, New York area and have

57,000 miles.  All Lincolns this year came with the 400 cubic inch

engine instead of the 460.  Here is the description from the ad,

and the seller's telephone number:


"Stored winters, a 1979 Lincoln Town Car, Rust free vehicle with many options. Starts easy and drives well. Tires and brakes are very good and have been serviced. Over $2200 invested recently in maintenance. Air conditioning and cruise work. Has a factory 8-track AM/FM Stereo Radio. Did not try an 8 track tape. All power windows work. One power lock does not work. I will look at the problem. Power seats on both front. Has pillow top velour seating in great condition along with real good carpet. $15,000.00....See Reply Info......Five eight fie, four one five, five one four one."



1979 Lincoln Town Car Williamsburg yellow 1.jpg

1979 Lincoln Town Car Williamsburg yellow 2.jpg

1979 Lincoln Town Car Williamsburg yellow 3.jpg

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Like you I love the luxury cars from the mid 60s to 1979 or so.  Recently saw a nice article on the Town Coupe from 1977 in Hemmings Motor News.  

I can’t go for a 4 door but this is a very nice car.  In my opinion it’s high on the price.  Potential buyers should not have to pay for maintenance, as he is implying it was recently done to assist in a sale.  

I have no space but greatly admire the 77-79 Town Coupes.  I love so many cars but a nice one two punch would be a 77-79 CdV and a 77-79 Town Coupe.  Beautiful big cars.  



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I wonder if this car is too "new" to be appreciated much

by forum-goers.  Lincolns of 1977-79, and even later,

have a very broad appeal among Lincoln fans, but are

they appreciated by a wider audience?


With so many possibilities in colors, roofs, interiors--

and with such a quiet, soft, sumptuous ride--I could

enjoy nothing but Lincolns of those years!

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My grandmother bought a new Caddy every other year whether she needed one or not, so I kinda had a liking to those over the Lincolns of the same period. I did not particularly care for the 'is it the front or rear' look of the Lincoln. Had a buddy in HS whose father had a new one that we would all load up in and head to the local college football games. That thing was a boat and boy would it cruise down the road nicely. Nice car listed. 

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On 8/10/2022 at 12:59 AM, John_S_in_Penna said:

Indeed, the owner has now placed the car on Ebay.

With 4 days remaining, the high bid is $7600.  Here is the link:


That auction ended with only 8 bids, and a high bid

of $7777.00.  The seller has put his car back on

Craig's List, with an asking price of $10,000.




When we see other people's absurd asking prices,

we know they are absurd, because decent cars

like this do not sell even for $11,000!


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