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1990 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance tire question

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Hello - According to the original brochure for my friend's 1990 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance, three wheel options existed, but all were matched with Uni-Royal Royal Seal tires (see photo).  Those tires are not manufactured any more.  Diamondback can reproduce the tire but does not have the rights to the Uni-Royal name.


What would be allowed per AACA judging standards if the correct tire is no longer manufactured?  Would the Royal Seal repro (without the name) or a Vogue tire not incur any deduction?





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Hi Paul,

This is the information from the AACA 2022 Judging Guidelines https://aaca.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/AACA_2022_Judging_Guidelines.pdf related to tires (Section 2 pages 21-23):


9.   Prior to 1915, tires must be matched in pairs (front and rear), but spares need not match anything on the vehicle except each other. (If there's more than one size spare, they will naturally differ.) 

10. The following items are accepted for judging without penalty under the "grandfather clause" due to their initial acceptance in the beginning of the judging program.

      a. Whitewall tires, must be proper size designation and proper style.

      b. 1941 – Last use of double whitewall tires.

11. Tires on all vehicles must be as specified by the manufacturer. Specific brand is unimportant. They must be nearest the correct size, if the correct size is not available. Tubeless tires with a tube will be allowed without        removing the wording "tubeless" on vehicles that did not come with tubeless tires. Tubeless tires were introduced in 1955 for cars and light trucks and in 1956 for heavy trucks.

12. A tire with an incorrect sidewall is considered an improper tire.

13. The following identifies the first year of tire sizing for the various designations.


Tire Documentation


Owners not able to find a correct replacement tire should send a letter to the VP Judging indicating the specific size of the correct tire and that at least two tire manufacturers have been contacted and the correct tire is not available. Tires one size larger or smaller are acceptable. A letter from the VP Judging is the ONLY AACA ACCEPTED documentation regarding a vehicles' substitute tires. Any letter issued by the VP Judging should be shown to the Team Captain at the time of vehicle judging.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE TEAM CAPTAIN ASK FOR DOCUMENTATION FOR ANY TIRE THAT IS QUESTIONED BY THE CHASSIS JUDGE OR DOES NOT MEET THE FIRST YEAR OF MANUFACTURE GUIDELINES LISTED BELOW. Some manufacturers offered a radial tire – for specific vehicle(s) – as a factory authorized option to the standard issue ply tire. The use of red line radials on a vehicle should be accompanied with documentation. It is advisable to seek documentation from the vehicle owner when a tire size or type is in

question. This is especially so in cases of limited production, specialty vehicles, and foreign made vehicles.

     a. LETTER SIZE TIRES (e.g., G78-15, GR78-14, etc.): 1967.

     b. RADIAL TIRES (e.g., 185R14, 175R13, etc.), Domestic Cars. (Factory documentation is required for any vehicle with radial tires prior to the years listed below.) Some domestic manufacturers offered these tires as                   early as 1967, such as Buick and Oldsmobile. It is possible that others may have offered them as well. BEFORE taking any deductions, the Team Captain will ask the owner for documentation. Note: European built                 vehicles can be much earlier. Japanese vehicles 1967, possibly earlier.

     c. LOW PROFILE METRIC RADIALS (e.g., P195/70R13, P195/70VR14). Domestic Cars as early as 1979. European cars 1969*, Japanese cars 1975*.

        *Also refer to above Note when judging foreign-made vehicles.

14. Valve stems must be metal prior to 1930 and must be the same as originally supplied on the vehicle. Documentation may be required. Fords will have metal valve stems through 1934. Rubber valve stems may be used          on any vehicle, prior to 1935, that was originally equipped with metal stems, if completely covered with authentic valve cover, atop a retainer nut fastened to the rim. In all cases, it must appear as original equipment.

15. Plastic valve caps will receive a one point each deduction if used on any vehicle prior to 1951. “Red Crown” valve caps are not accepted on any vehicle. Red plastic valve caps (not “Red Crown”) will be accepted on              Whizzer motorbikes.

16. Wheel weights will be considered a safety item; therefore there will be no deduction for wheel weights if installed in a workmanlike manner. They may be painted.


I hope this is the information you were looking for.

Thanks, Tim

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