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At Live Auction Now - 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

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Here's an interesting Rainman yellow 1949 76C convertible for sale via auction.  Ends June 23 - GB Time




I have texted a fellow that went to England to see it and he says it looks great but has issues as described in the Bonham's website.  He said the Dynaflow barely worked to back up and needs attention.  The window hydraulics recently pooped out,  Door handles not installed.  Some minor carpet issues.  But the paint, chrome and some other things were great.  FYI -  I  texted with the ladies that inherited it from dear old Dad after seeing it on Facebook 1949 Buick Club.  BUYER BEWARE but I thought the group would like to see it.

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I was in touch with her as well. Very pleasant communication. Great looking car. Despite the black dashboard this seems to be a dream car. Luckily I have my 49 super convertible.... 

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