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continental engine

31 LaSalle

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1 hour ago, bryankazmer said:

It means that the engine was made by Continental Motors and supplied to Peerless.

so peerless did not make there own engines.

 was continental just an engine manufacturer is that correct


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Continental made engines of various sizes and sold them to more than 100 manufacturers of cars, trucks, tractors, industrial equipment, boats etc.


Peerless was best known for using Herschell-Spillman V8s which they made under license. They may also have used Continental engines, I leave it to the Peerless experts exactly what your car has.


Can you tell us exactly what model, is there an ID plate on the engine, and do you have any photos of the engine? There are experts here who can tell what you have in minutes but they need something to go on.


Later... it seems Peerless came out with a new line of straight six and straight eight cars in 1929 all with Continental engines. If yours is a 6-81 it has a 248 cu in 66HP engine. This seems to be the most popular model. They made a 6-61, 6-81, 6-91 and 8-125 ranging in price from $1195 to $2295. This put them in the upper medium price bracket comparable to Buick or Chrysler.

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Rusty: I've got about 450 names on my Cont'l users list, all prewar cars, trucks, buses altho contains a few one-offs, like the prison inmates who built a truck with a Cont'l engine...

And that doesn't begin to count the construction eqpmt etc, probably nearly (or more!!) an numerous...

They had little penetration of early tractors,but there are a few...

My list is made primarily from listings in old car/truck parts catalogs and some from vehicle reports in the literature, so I'm sure it's far from complete to WWII...

Bit there's a complication; see my yesterday post in the Cont'l Motors forum re' the other "imitation" Cont;l, The Continental Engine Co (189?/190?---1914 or so)

I don;t know of any supposedly compolete list... list..;.

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