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91 olds 98 regency elite wiring trouble 3800 series 1

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So the engine harness had bare spots and was arking all over so ripped it out and re ran it all exactly like it was to the T and thought I took pics and marked plugs but I ended up with an extra and the only thing I’m noticing is the temp don’t show up on the gauge( the digital fancy shit) it just won’t move even as I cycle through the gauge button and can see the coolant temp is getting to temp (nothing over 220ish most times is a little lower than that) but will want to stall after about 20 minutes of driving or running if that even will start back up everytime but it seems like it’s trying to run in cold weather while it’s 90 degrees lol anyone know where I can find a diagram or anyone know if there’s 2 temp sensors or location on them ? At first the speed cluster didn’t work so I plug the first extra wire in to a plug on the passenger side back of the block and it works now just running funny and not accelerating like it should and help is greatly appreciated 

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You need the 1991 Olds factory Chassis Service Manuals. I don't remember offhand how many books there are for 1991 but at minimum you need the one that covers Ninety Eight mechanical repairs, and the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual which has the electrical wiring diagrams.




You should be able to find original print copies on ebay or thru literature vendors. I don't like CD or electronic copies as they lose detail and the wiring charts can be clumsy enough to read as it is. Haynes/Chilton and the like aren't as good as the factory manuals.


You can try signing up on classicoldsmobile.com too. Not much info on 90s-later there either but there are some owners there.


I remember when the 91 came out I thought the Ninety Eight finally LOOKS like a Ninety Eight again. I was no fan of the 85-90 styling.

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As rocketraider stated get the both factory manuals.


The library by me has a lot of factory shop manuals and factory electrical manuals and they had hard covers put on them, but do not have 1991 Oldsmobile factory manual, check with your library.


There is one of each on e-bay, $9.99 for factory service manual, and $22.00 for the factory electrical manual.


I hope this helps,




EDIT: Maybe @rocketraider could look at manuals just to verify they look the same BUT the one states ELECTRICAL?



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