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1948 Packard Eight Station Sedan


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I am selling our 1949 Packard. 

My father and I restored it back in 2016-2017. The engine was rebuilt, the interior is done and most of the wood is done.

The car was done but my Father was not happy with the wood work so his friend started to re-do it. Unfortunately my Father passed in 2021 and his friend has no interest in finishing it.

The car runs and drives, the battery needs to be charged or replaced. The wood needs to be finished on the driver's side rear. I have planks of wood which all the other wood was cut out of. My Father sanded the top of the driver's side door and there is a small dent in the driver's rear quarter, I think the dent can be fixed by a paintless dent guy. I have a can of paint with the paint code.

The front grille has some pits under it, not visible from the front.

The car was done and it looked decent but it need to be reassembled and cleaned.

$15,000.00. The car is in Massachusetts and it has a title.

Thank You


Packard 2022.jpg

Packard 20221.jpg

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