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Vin plate information


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How are you , I guess the previous owner who restored the car had never put back the vin plate , I was wondering if anyone knew of a company anyone who makes replacements. I would like to have one because it just looks strange to me without it . 

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Cars of that era did not have VIN's as we know them today. VIN's were not standardised in ~1980's.

Car would have had

  • chassis/frame number. Location varied by year
  • engine serial number
  • unique body number on a cowl data plate (is that what is missing?)


Some one does/did make replacement repro cowl data plates, but cannot find the info on my computer.  Or just buy another data plate from Dave Tachency.





''BCA judging rev2 pg24 1923-1937 extract.jpg




AG Backeast.  Looks to have retired and sold the business. Were/are high quality, but at a price.



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Here are a  couple places I found with an internet search.

I have no idea whether or not they are reliable.

They do mention the legalities for copying plates from 

certain more modern years.

VIN Tags


Replacement VIN Tags - Vehicle Identification Numbers Tag | Aluma Photo (alumaphoto-plateco.com)


Las Vegas Custom Engraving - Custom Vin Tag, Replacement Vin Plate

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Yeah I never really thought about just calling Dave up for a replacement… I found something but sure if they are still in business. They make ones for 50-70s Buick and stamp them I’ll post the site call then to see if they still open 

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