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Chicagoland Chapter alumni at Lisle

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I'm a former member of the Chicagoland Chapter BCA from the 1970's.  I'd like to take a group photo of anyone alive and attending the 2022 BCA National in Lisle that was a member during the early years.  The Chicagoland Chapter was founded in 1971, and I know that there are several early members that are planning to be at the 2022 National meet, a couple of them with 3-digit BCA numbers.

A small reunion to take a few photos on Saturday during the show would be nice.   Details will be announced during the days leading up to the Saturday show.


Gary Klecka, BCA #1955

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My brother in law John McShane went to high school with you and lives on Woodside Road  Riverside, Il.  he moved there in 1982, we are both planning on attending the National, but both of us have health issues, so we will have to wait and see how we are at that time, I do belong to the CCBCA, and if you need any information on the National you should contact Melanie Mauser BCA # 8185 at melsbuick455@gmail.com, she is a in charge of the show and a great gal and has a lot of Buick knowledge.  Maybe you might know George Peska BCA # 4470 and Larry Guetschow  BCA # 2094, they also may be there.



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I previously spoke with Melanie about this group photo months ago, and she thought that it would be a great idea.


Yes, I remember George and Larry from years ago.  I hope that they can be at the National Meet.  If you have a way to contact them, encourage both to be at this show!


Gary, BCA #1955

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