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Tucker manufacturers license plate


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Just an interesting story, not my plates. Not my story, either, from a friend who's a license plate collector and dealer....


The makers (manufacturers) of automobiles and motorcycles were able to get license plates to be used on cars tested or driven.


"The number 1 [on 1948 plate] represents the manufacturer number, while the 74 shows this was the 74th plate made for that company. If you didn’t already know the story, a little research reveals that the only manufacturer in Illinois in 1948 was the Tucker Corporation. 100 pairs of these plates were initially produced, in anticipation of a longer production run than what ended up happening - the Tucker Corporation ceased operations with only 50 cars ever completed.

Part of me wanted to keep this plate for its historical value alone and its link to the legendary Tucker. But I’ve learned over the years I can’t keep everything, so it’s off to its new home - the Maine Classic Car Museum. The museum added Tucker vehicle #1028 to its collection in 2019, and this plate will join it in their display."
The 1949 plate was made by Illinois, thinking that Tucker would continue production....there are numerous of these plates in collector's hands.....



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Thanks for the story, I live close by where the cars were made Burbank/Ford City area, Illinois 

I love those license plate numbers

I have a set for my car "000 000" purple in color for 1958,  was a display license plate for the currency exchange.



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