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1951 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine - $3,000

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Could a '51 enter the "preservation class"? Many more pictures on the ad....


Being just one of only 1,085 eight-passenger Imperial Sedans produced that year, the Fleetwood nameplate was the pinnacle of Cadillac market branding, denoting the very highest levels of sophistication and elegance. This car features the original interior complete with the jump seats, power windows, air conditioning and even a clock in the rear passenger compartment. The 147-inch wheelbase Series 75 body was already showing the fins that would dictate industry-wide change as the decade continued, plus broad-sided, well-blended sheet-metal cues augmented by the goddess hood mascot, chrome accenting, bullet-shaped bumper guards, optional fog lamps and tinted glass.

OHV 331 CI V-8 engine currently not running but does turn over. When running capable of 160 HP. The Hydra-Matic transmission is also here, and piloting this car is aided by power steering. Riding beneath the some of the industry’s most advanced suspension designs of its time, which were already standard on Cadillac.

Parked for 25 years with a cover. The previous owner maintained the motor by starting it and driving short distances at least once a month until about 5 years ago.
Has Some extra parts and accessories in the trunk also.

Just don’t have the time or space to work on her at the moment. Thank you.

Bill of sale only. Missing Title. Non op is only 220 I have required DMV forms (707) 972-1975


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Correct, only deep deep pockets with no where else for those funds to go can afford or justify a restoration of a 75 series.  I love them, these are warriors from the cleg light days of Hollywood and for executives of growing post war corporations that expensed one every couple of years on the company.   

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IMO, this would be a very cool car to have (esp if it does have AC).  You would def have to have a custom garage for it since it's a long wheelbase car.


I also see no evidence of AC components.  There should be a compressor in the engine compartment but, none and there are no vent ports on the rear fenders (that I can see).  The acrylic vent ducts are also absent.


It also looks like mice lived in the headliner or at least used its insulation for their nest.

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