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Still for sale 1917 Buick D45 Touring. Now $22,950

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posted back in January for (I think) $24k. Everybody felt that was silly high then, I doubt we've changed our minds.


1917 Buick D45 Touring, 6 Cylinder, Restoration Started approximately 45 years ago, vehicle was repainted,
Interior all Original in nice condition,
Top bows nice condition…..have original top and side curtains for use as patterns
Wooden wheels have been restored, New Tires
Car ran when parked over 30 years ago, water pump leaking, Engine turns over

For further information call Bill….Serious inquiries Only please….Must have Appointment
Car located in Watsonville, CA (831) 801-7375



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Seller needs to define NEW!  Maybe new tires 30-45 years ago?  I might consider it if it was 1/3 the price, and on the east coast.  Well, maybe the mid-Atlantic.  On third thought, maybe in Virginia.  Pretty soon I won't be able to afford the fuel to leave the state...

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Just for comparison.

My running, driving older barn restoration 1925 Master Touring with a nice top done in 1980.

DSCF5632.JPG.030aa4c8dab8774e59face2d57d29ae5.JPG  DSCF5633.JPG.ff707587a0bfc03e609f79e3a673471e.JPG

The day I brought it home from the family's farm.

It has nearly  "like new" tires. They were put on in 1980. 42 years old. The family had the car for sale for over 3 years they had 4 other offers at less then 1/2 their asking price. Mine was the best offer of $5,500. Even at that price I still have many hours and $$$$ just sorting out a running and driving car....

 Over $1K invested in the re-cored radiator alone.


By the time I will get it back on the road I will need a loan to pay for the gas!

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