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Luggage rack


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Any Ideas?? Got this at estate auction sorry for the bad pictures looks like it had some bad rust and they sand blasted but never filled in.

This has the like teardrops or diamond raised design metal all over the rack maybe someone can definitely ID ????

As always Thanks for any Input








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I don't thinks it is Franklin, but will measure one I have for a Franklin to see if it is close. thanks for this.

OK everyone come on, go out and measure the rack on your car even if it sort of looks close................


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The 5 strips with the embossed diamond would have been stainless or chrome.

The mounting bracket is fairly simple compared to units used on expensive cars or custom bodies. 

My guess it is an aftermarket unit that could be had with universal mounting to fit a variety of vehicles. 

The attached picture says it is for a Ford (aftermarket) and is fancier than most because the platform folds. 

ford rack 1.jpg

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