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Replica of Peugeot Break Riviera from 1971

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Peugeot Break Riviera is a prototype that was designed by Pininfarina in 1971 and never went into mass production.
We decided to make a 1:1 replica of this car the same way that the original was made.

We used a Peugeot 504 Coupe from 1971 as our base, the same model was used as a base for the prototypes.
We used every avaliable photo and documentation of this car we researched and studied it to make the replica as close as it is possible to the originals.
Thants to all the reaserch we were able to make blueprints and scans of this car.



To manufactur the car we worked with the same company that was responsible for the original prototypes, so some parts that were missing or were unusable were made in cooperation with Pinifarina.

Other things like the rims and relings were custom made to match the original prototype shown in Geneva in 1971.



We also did put a lot of work into the bodywork and body paint, we wanted to do the same paint colour as the original one had but in the end we went with something a little bit brighter.



We also made a full renovation of the engine, the engine is the original one from Peugeot 504.

We put a lot of work into every single detail as we do with all of our project.  This project took us a little bit over 3 years to finish.
We have a lot more photos of this car, we have photos of the entire renovation process.
If someone will be interested in it and would want to see this car, We will be attending a car show that will take place in London in the first weekend (3rd and 4th) of September. We will aslo take few other cars with us.

Other than simply sharing this project We also are searching for someone that could evaluate this car for us. If you would know anyone that could do it We would love to get in contact with them.

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