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68 Cutlass Shifter Cable


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Folks, I'm new to this site and I hope I'm posting in the right spot. I have a 68 Cutlass with the 2sp Jetaway tranny. I'm converting to a floor console shift from the steering column and having my fun. Can anyone steer me in the right direction as far as these parts. I have a shift cable but the one eyelet pulled off and I no longer know the length required. The cable seems to be 18" between brackets. This cable is not easy to find for the Jetaway. Secondly I need to change the linkage on the Transmission. There is a knuckle on there now that handles the steering column linkages but I need something different for cable. Can't find this anywhere.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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Sorry, but it's probably going to be easier to swap to a TH350. 😲


The lever on the trans, the shift cable, and the bracket that holds the shift cable to the trans case are all unique to the Jetaway with floor shift configuration. Not a lot of those built and even fewer survive today.


The trans lever is P/N 396330, only used on the 67-68 JT floor shift cars (the 1969 bracket was different due to the backdrive linkage to lock the shifter with the steering column).

The cable is P/N 396327, also 67-68 only and no, the parts book does not list the length. Note that despite what some vendors claim, this is NOT the same P/N as for the TH350 cars.

The trans bracket is P/N 396326, used 1967-69.


Good luck.

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The TH400 shift arm can likely be adapted. Reproductions are available. Similarly, the trans bracket to hold the cable can have the holes slotted to match up with the bolt spacing on the JT trans pan. I'd suggest getting a TH350 cable and seeing how close it comes to working with the repro brackets. You might need to modify the trans bracket to adjust to the cable length or fabricate and weld extensions, but short of lucking into original parts, that's about your only choice. The lever on the trans does have some amount of adjustment, so you have a little leeway there.





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