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Whippet fan belt tighting??

robert reece

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6 minutes ago, robert reece said:

How does one tighten the fan belt on the motor

Got a photo of the area around the belt so we can see what you are working with? Usually, you can simply tighten the generator on the bracket on most cars.

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On 6/6/2022 at 1:49 PM, Oldtech said:

I think... the fan pulley is 2 halves that screw together to make the v wider or narrower.

If so, that's the way the old VW beetles did it.  Tighten by removing the pulley nut and move a shim washer from between the pulley halves to under the nut.  Loosen the belt by doing the opposite (move a shim from under the nut to between the pulley halves).

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I work on one not long ago. Yes, I believe the fellows above are right. The upper pulley is threaded. There should be a lock bolt or two that you need to loosen and then adjust it to tighten or loosen and retighten the lock bolt when it is set where you want it. While doing it you may need to turn the motor over to get the belt to ride up in the pulley and re check the tension. Repeat until it is tight enough. Dandy Dave!  

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