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1925 Chandler Six Timing Issue

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My 84 year old neighbor has a Chandler Six he got from his father-in-law.  He is trying to get the timing right so it will start.  He isn't quite sure what's what so I'm trying to help out.  I have only seen the motor once and I am sure I will get hit up with more questions when I get home.  I'm a Ford late twenties guy with no experience on a Chandler.  Two questions before I make matters worse, are the cylinders numbered front to back?  Where might I find the timing marks?  Am I missing anything else? Thanks.   

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Number one cylinder is in the front.  On my 8 cylinder Chandler, the timing mark is located on the flywheel, visible thru a window in the bell housing on the drivers side of the car.  If you pull all the spark plugs out and put the car in gear, you’ll be able to move a tire by hand and watch for that mark to get number one at TDC.

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