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NOT MINE 1940 LaSalle Coupe Asking $35,000

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The owners are people from my church they asked me to post the flyer. A JPEG scanned image. When I asked them to send me another flyer with updated information and most inportantly a PRICE they sent a PDF format which the Forum does not accept. On that flyer the photos are much better. They also had a 1932 Chrysler roadster that was in need of some brake service but was sold locally.

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This LaSalle should be an excellent, powerful, and dependable "Road car", and a great tour car, much in the manner of our '41 Cadillac cabriolet.

With respect to Touring, it would be eligible for:

Glidden (Pre-1943)

VMCCA Chrome Glidden (1936 - 25 years old)

AACA Founders (1932 - 25 years old)

AACA Sentimental (1928 - 1958)

Cadillac-LaSalle Club

Classic Car Club - Caravans (and Grand Classics ((shows)) 


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