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Hello I just purchased a 1935 ford Tudor. I need some parts. To start the steering wheel is from a 36 and the horn button is missing. I need a drivers side visor. The radio does not work. I am not sure how to test the radio. The headlights are 6v but are extremely dim. 


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Dim headlights could be dirty lenses (inside), corroded silver reflectors, reflectors that were cleaned incorrectly, old bulbs, wrong bulbs or low voltage to the bulbs. Bad grounds are blamed more often than the true cause, but can be a cause.


The bulbs need at least 6V at the bulb, to achieve their normal brightness.


The radio should have a fuse and the tubes should light up when you turn the power on. After 30-60 seconds you should hear a hum from the radio. If you do, the tubes are working and you will have to send the radio out to have the capacitors replaced.

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