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16 Inch ST Load Range H Highway Rib 16 Ply Trailer Tires Are Available

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Interesting tire……similar to Sailun tires that I have been posting about. Sailun is an all steel casement tire, and they post overall tire diameter as well as weight and tread depth. I suspect they are similar in weight capacity. These exceptionally heavy duty tires are fantastic. I run them at 100 psi. I have about 60k on them now and they are still over 50 percent tread depth. Once you switch to this type of tire, flats area thing of the past. They generally will exceed the total weight capacity of the trailer………which is a benefit as many lesser tires can get you a ticket for overload even though the trailer isn’t.  I also installed Sailun tires on my truck………they are just OK…….I will probably stick with them, but there is no advantage on their regular vehicles tires. I expect over time more brands of tires will be offered for trailers with load capacity continuing to increase. Ed


PS: running these tires soft will tear them up quickly. You must keep the pressures up or you will have issues. Also, they won’t take a plug…….the casement is just too heavy, so they need to be patched. 

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 When you pack your spare tire, let it be the last thing that you put inside, 

not like my friend who left it inside on the front wall with a trailer full of house-hold of goods!



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